Dear Bees Fans,

What a start it has been for your Burlington Bees. As I sit in the office a few hours before catching the bus to Cedar Rapids to continue the series with the Kernels tonight, the Burlington Bees lead the Midwest League with an 18-7 record. It’s been fun to watch. The pitching has been extremely solid, with a starting staff led by Blake Hassebrock who just gave up his first earned run in 27.1 innings in the sixth inning last night. Unfortunately that was the last run that scored for quite a while!

The Bees and Kernels played and played last night FOR 17 INNINGS!!! It’s strange when you get a game that goes that long.  You end up talking for so long it’s almost as if you simply root for the game to be over!!!! (DISCLAIMER: AS LONG AS THE BEES WIN).

Unfortunately that was not the case. After the game ended a few minutes short of the five hour mark in the 17th inning, the players and coaches went to the locker room at Perfect Game Field and quietly ate the Jimmy John’s sandwiches that had been ordered for them 3 hours before. They lazily sleep walked onto the bus with their uniforms on and made the hour and a half trek back to Burlington where they rolled off the bus shortly after 2:00 a.m. Because the trip to Cedar Rapids is so short, the players and coaches do not shower and dress in Cedar Rapids.

With such a long night at the office and (rather conveniently) a forecast of rain, the bus has been pushed back to late afternoon. There will be no early work for the Bees, just a chance to put their uniforms on and show up and play.

It’s been an immense pleasure watching this team work. Six of the top 10 draft picks from the Oakland A’s 2010 draft are here in Burlington and there are a lot of interesting stories behind all of the players on this year’s team. It’s my goal with this blog to take you inside the team, to give you a bird’s eye view on what it’s like being around the ballpark and the players.

I look forward to telling you about many great things going on with this team and our organization. It’s been a great ride so far and promises to be a great summer.

All the Best,

Jon Versteeg

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