Holiday Special

Tough. Gritty. Solid. Use whatever adjective that comes to mind to describe the Bees 5-4 win in Cedar Rapids on Sunday. The Bees lost a 3-0 lead and fought back with one run in the sixth inning on an RBI single from CF Jose Rivero and a run in the eighth inning on a single from C Beau Taylor. Today on the 4th of July, the Bees have a change to go over five hundred for the first time in the second half. And that’s a great fact to be able to write/talk about on this holiday. I hope you enjoy the 4th.

Some random thoughts…

The Bees are now 4-2 in Cedar Rapids this season. This series is the final one the Bees will play here in Cedar Rapids. Today marks the first time the Bees will use the catcher to lead off. Taylor had two hits on Sunday, tying his career high. CF Jose Rivero recorded his third three-hit game of the season. He has a .304 batting average against Cedar Rapids this season.

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