Nuke LaLoosh

“I love winning man….I love winning it’s like…..better than losing.” There is easily no better move about baseball and life in the minor leagues than “Bull Durham.” It’s also one of the most widely quoted movies second only to “Major League.”

If you know anything about the movie, you did I little editing on that quote. (This is, of course, a family blog). Nuke LaLoosh’s classic line perfectly describes the life of a minor league player. As Nuke says, players love winning. When things don’t work well, baseball players tend to revert back to superstition. For example take the current eight- game losing streak. When I asked one of the players who always looks forward to making fun of me why he hasn’t picked on me lately, it produced the following exchange.

Me: “What gives, are you afraid to bust my ‘chops’?”
Player X: “No man, we just haven’t been winning. I’m feeling like we’re gonna win today. I got nothing for you.”
Me: “Ok then.”

I’m ready for the insults. I just want a win.


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