Its 4:30 p.m. here in Grand Chute, WI and the tarp is on the field as the Bees get set to hopefully open up a three-game series with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Rain is a fickle thing. When you come to the ballpark every day as a broadcaster, player, coach or front office member, you get into a rhythm.  Players do their stretches and work on their fundamentals. Coaches hit fly balls at a certain time. Broadcasters and newspaper writers copy down lineups into their scorecards and prepare stats. Front office staff members busily hurry around the stadium to ensure everything is in place when the team opens up the gates.

When the tarp is on the field and batting practice is cancelled, most look like a lost puppy dog. Coaches dwell in their office while players kill time by making up games in the club house. Front office staff members look at the radar and try to predict when the rain will move out of the area.

When the tarp is taken off the field-uniforms are put back on, lineups cards are hastily filled out and pregame shows are started late. Most look forward to getting the game complete because no one wants to play a doubleheader!


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